The fish out-smarted them!

We usually start these posts with information about fishing and this one, well it starts with a fish story.

The evening “Bite”

Dave Drever, one of our long time guides here at KPL, is known for fish stories larger than life. This one actually has three witnesses: The two guests, Colin and Larry, who were fishing and evidently the largest fish of the season – that got away!

The trio were fishing Cheney 2, using flasher and anchovy trolled at 44ft. And, all of a sudden the inside rod pounds out of the down-rigger clip and hard into the water. Colin grabs the rod, and the fish makes incredibly long runs, deep dives and heads for the back of the boat. Back and forth, down and across the bottom of the boat the wise fish confused the situation and spat the hooks just out of netting reach. All three drop to the bottom of the boat in despair. “We thought it was a Tyee, then figured it was over 40, it came closer and we all thought it was over 50, at the distance it got away – there was no doubt. – This was easily a Chinook between 60 and 70 pounds!”  Pointing at the 60 pounder mounted on the wall at the lodge, Colin explains “That’s a teeny fish compared to the one we lost!”  We were all happy to know the fish was off on it’s own and hopefully spawning to create many more of these incredible fish.

Fisher paying a nice fish – Chloe on the net











As far as fishing goes, this past week was simply excellent. Weather has been great, fishing has been very good for Chinook, Coho and bottom fish.  Several beautiful Tyee salmon (over 30 pounds) were taken including fish over 40 pounds.

Congratulations Lisa “T” on a nice Tyee

Popular areas continue to be Cheney Point, Cheney 2, Ivory Island and Cape Swain. Oddly enough, Cape Mark, our usual go to place has been pretty quiet.

Lures such as the KPL green and white spoon, flasher / anchovy and whole herring baits are all producing. Recently, the white “Hoochie” has also been producing.

On top of the great fishing, guests are reporting amazing wildlife. Over the past week we have enjoyed Humpback whales, Sea-Otter, River-Otter and now, exciting views of local wolves. One boat had the pleasure of a wolf swimming from island to island, right past their boat!

Our season has been an absolutely pleasure with so many new and repeat guests. We’re already looking forward to the 2019 season!

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George Cuthbert


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