The “Coho Kid”

Most fish stories are about the one that got away. Caleb’s big Coho certainly did not!


Caleb receiving a KPL Tyee pin for his amazing catch

Caleb has had the chance to fish at King Pacific Lodge for a few years now and he has become quite the successful angler. His whopping 23 pound Coho salmon is now the largest ever landed at the lodge! Coho are typically about 12-15 pounds at the peak of their life and toward the end of September will sometimes get to 20 pounds. Caleb’s great fish earned him the coveted “Tyee” pin – usually reserved for Chinook over 30 pounds. For comparison, a 23lb Coho is about the same as landing a 65 pound Chinook.

Caleb and his 23 pound Coho

As we approach the end of August the fishing continues to be very good.

Our regular hot spots have all been producing and a new favourite is the north side of Cape Swain. This little stretch of shoreline provides nice shelter from westerly winds, holds bait well and several “Tyee” over 30 pounds have been taken here in the past week.

People really love the fish they catch!

The weather at Milbanke Sound has been excellent!  The westerly winds have combined with little rain over the past 45 days. We are only now starting to see a little sprinkle of rain and expect the dry spell to continue into September. This can be great for not only fishing conditions – for actual fishing as well. Salmon usually start to move towards natal rivers at the first heavy fall rains. During a season like this, they will ocean feed well into mid September. We expect the great fishing to continue.

Highlights of the past week include several nice big Chinook with the largest being 50 pounds!

Typical baits and lures are all working the same. Spoons have been working particularly well and the white Hoochie has been a favourite. We have been fishing a little shallower at 30 and 40ft.

We’re looking forward to seeng many repeat and return guests in the coming week. Should you have any questions or require additional information about your trip please contact us anytime.

George Cuthbert

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