A great 2018 season!

Our last group of guests for 2018 have now departed and we have finished the King Pacific Lodge fishing season.

Calm September evenings on the water

And what a great time we have had… Wonderful guests, incredible scenery, action packed days of fishing, kayaking, wildlife viewing and oh, so restful nights! It seems like yesterday we were setting up, meeting all of our new crew and getting things well organized for the season.

June brought us silver bright Chinook. July and August provided a very nice combination of Chinook and Coho.  Milbanke Sound was alive! Never have we seen such an abundance of different bait-fish and wildlife. Herring, needlefish, squid and hake were all on the salmon’s menu this summer.

Stephanie and Sophie with some beautiful Coho salmon

The very last trip of the season, well into September, was really producing. While not as abundant as previous years, Coho entertained the guests on the water and the Chinook kept rolling in.  Danny and George, two new guests to King Pacific Lodge, commented this was the most productive trip in over 20 years of fishing various lodge areas on the coast of BC. As for myself, I had the pleasure of having my parents Jim and Clara on the water in recent days. Four hours of fishing produced four beautiful Chinook!

Clara, George and Jim with an afternoon catch

On the water during our last trip, the Blanchard family had a great time. Children, Sophia and Nico were in awe as Coho after Coho splashed on the line. We’re sure the big fish stories will be a hit at school!

Reflecting on the season, we’d like to express our sincere appreciation to all of our repeat and new guests who fished with us in 2018. Its always a pleasure to see so many smiling and familiar faces.

And, to our valuable crew and suppliers – Thank You for helping us create the very best remote fishing lodge experience on the West Coast! You are the best!

For 2019, we will be changing to Thursday / Sunday changeover days and a slightly later first day check-in time of 9am.

Should you wish to inquire into our 2019 fishing program please contact us anytime.


Kindest Regards,

George Cuthbert


778 384 3474






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