Tighter Lines

Beautiful morning at Cheney Point

Updated fleet perfect for fishing the hot spots

King Pacific Lodge guests have had a great time over the past week. Fishing, weather and sea conditions have all blended to make an unforgettable adventure!

Our fleet has been able to fish all the usual hot-spots including Cheney Point, Cheney 2 and Cape Swain. Interestingly enough, our usual producer – Cape Mark has been remarkably quiet for the past week.

All times of day have been producing a nice combination of Chinook (including many Tyee over 30 pounds) and Coho now up to a whopping 17 pounds.

A great afternoon!

Baitfish have been plentiful in the ocean and our guides have reported many more fish being caught on artificial lures such as 6inch spoons. Many are now switching over from Anchovy baits to Herring with good results. Two days ago I had the pleasure of “Mooching” large cut plug baits and 6oz weights resulting in 10 Chinook over a morning.

Bottom fish such as Ling, Halibut and Rockfish have been a regular catch. Generally the guides have been targeting salmon first light and then running off shore to try for these fish when sea conditions permit.




Fisher Cuthbert and a 26lb Chinook

Some large fish are proving to be outwitting event the best of us! Several times over the past week Guests have reported huge salmon biting and heading straight into the kelp. Fisher Cuthbert had a beauty 40+ pound Chinook on a few days ago and it spat the hooks. Regardless of the the fish being right beside the boat and thrashing on the surface, it had run around the kelp and tangled the line against the shoreline. These are tricky situations because the angler has to decide to either palm the reel to slow a big fish down, risking a fish breaking the line, or to let it run. A later fish, weighing 26 pounds was reeled in to Fishers delight.

Sea Otter

As mentioned in many other posts, our guests often enjoy displays of wildlife along the shoreline. These sometimes include Black bear, Deer, Wolves and other localized animals like the Sea Otter. Yesterdays adventure yielded a massive Grizzly bear foraging along the shoreline!




We’re approaching mid August and are looking forward to the many groups and couples fishing with us. Should you have any questions about an upcoming trip or even next season, please contact us anytime.




Kindest Regards,

George Cuthbert





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