Mid July Update: Many Wildlife Sightings & Favourable Fishing Conditions

Well, here we have it. Approaching mid-July and the fishing is simply fantastic.

KPL Katie headed to the fish room

Guests at King Pacific Lodge have been enjoying calm seas, beautiful easy skies and incredible fishing.

Less than two hours on the water! 31 pounds!

Hunter Helicopters is available to take your group for an exciting coastal tour.

The past few days have been truly perfect. Our boats have been fishing the waters of Cape Mark during the day and C
heney point during the afternoon. During the first afternoon of this trip two boats were back at the dock after landing three and four Chinook each. One was over 30 pounds! Having the chance to get into some serious fish just a couple of hours from Vancouver was a real treat.

Evening server Chloe Cuthbert welcomes you to King Pacific Lodge

Anchovies, spoons and ‘Hoochies’ are all doing well between 35 and 60ft. Recently the morning tides have been flooding until noon and providing perfect fishing conditions. Boats aren’t having to run far at all and most gusts have their gear in the water less than 8 minutes from the dock.

I’d like to share a special Thank you to all of our Lodge staff and our Fishing Guides. At a time of year when many crews may be getting a little bushed, the 2019 crew is going strong, providing great service and the smiles keep shining. Our guests consistently tell me what a pleasure it is to have such great people looking after them and we couldn’t be more pleased.

Incredible action with “Lucky Shack” fishing guide Connor Proctor

Our next trip will be running Sunday to Thursday. We anticipate calm seas for the first couple days and then it looks like 15-25knot SW winds switching to 15-25knot NW winds on Wednesday. My guess is this may be downgraded and our fishing areas will continue to be very comfortable.

“Miso” the bear trying to access KPL wifi for some online shopping

King Pacific Lodge fishing guide Jay Reid heading out on the water for another exciting afternoon

We’ve had a number of local wildlife sightings around the lodge this week. On top of our usual displays of Killer and Humpback whales, Seals, Sea Otters, River Otters, and Sea Lions we have our new friend “Miso” the bear. This medium to large Black Bear has been a common sight. While we don’t want to encourage him swimming to the lodge, a sighting on shore is sure to please.

Should you have any questions about King Pacific Lodge please contact us anytime. We’re looking forward to seeing so many returning guests this year. Thank you to all of you who have visited the lodge this season.


George Cuthbert

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