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We have had several calls from our guests inquiring into sport fishing limits in British Columbia and how this may affect their 2019 trip.

Canada Dept Fisheries and Oceans has made some changes to the availability of Chinook/King salmon in some parts of the coast. This decision is highly controversial in nature and has resulted in tremendous hardship to similar operations who operate south of statistical Area 7, where King Pacific Lodge is located.

The short story is that these limit reductions are not necessary and were more politically motivated than for scientific or conservation reasons.

While we are fortunate to have avoided such limit changes, we want to keep our guests updated of such information and have attached a link to the ares affected.

King Pacific Guests may retain 4 chinook, 4 other salmon (most likely Coho/Silver) 2 halibut (depending on size) and a multitude of other bottom fish.

Should you have any questions regarding limits please contact me at george@kingpacificlodge.com


Thank you

George Cuthbert

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