Find Out Why July is the Ideal Time for a Getaway at King Pacific Lodge

A great catch for an entire family!

We have entered the month of July with continued excellent catches!

The weather has been calm and all of our usual areas have been easily accessible. Cape Mark, Cheney Point, Cheney 2 are our hot spots of choice. Spoons, Hoochies and Flasher/Anchovy rigs have been our best producers.

Chinook have been weighing in between 15lb and 22lbs with quite a few incredible tree (over 30 pounds) up to 40 pounds.

Depths range for Chinook all the way from 30ft down to 100ft. Coho have been showing an increase in numbers and we’re catching the majority of these fish between 30ft and 40ft.

I think she caught both of these.

Light, variable winds have been occasionally stronger out of the south for a short period of time. Looking forward this week we expect fishing friendly calm variable winds. If you’d like to review the weather for the coming week click on the link below.

Conor Proctor and Chloe Cuthbert with her 2019 tyee

Thank you to all of the guests who have fished with us to date! We are looking forward to so many returning guests during the remainder of this season and next year.


Should you have any questions about the lodge or fishing please contact us anytime!


George Cuthbert





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