July at its best!


A great place for kids! 10 year old Fisher with a 32 pound chinook caught at 10:15 pm (well past the usual bedtime)

Anglers at King Pacific Lodge continue to experience the best fishing on the coast of British Columbia.

Since the start of our season in mid June, Chinook / King salmon catches have been excellent. Coho / Silvers have been in very good numbers for a couple of weeks now and they continue to grow in size.

Hot spots continue to be Cape Mark and Cheney Point. Flasher and Anchovy has been the most popular combination and many of the guests and guides are swapping over to Flasher and Hoochie; particular the green spatter back squid. Depths appear to be shallower than previous seasons with many fish being taken in the 30ft range. 30 – 60ft deep is the usual depth for fishing. Water temperatures continue to be cooler and more favourable with a regular 56 degrees. In previous years we’ve seen upwards of 62 degrees – a little too warm.

The trip finishing today enjoyed calm seas and sunny skies for the duration of their stay. This allowed access to all of the regular fishing areas including those out of our usual range. Tyee Chinook topped 44 pounds this week along with several other low 30’s and a 38 pounder. Most Coho have been in the 9 pound to 13 pound range. Large schools of herring are present and keeping fish feeding through the day. Squid have now started to appear and perhaps the reason Hoochies are working very well.

Milbanke Sound continues to be a popular spot and King Pacific Lodge guests enjoy its exclusivity. Many guests are commenting on the serenity and productivity of the area, particularly because there are no other lodges within the area.

Should you be looking forward to a trip in July or August and have any questions or require additional information please contact us anytime.  Our calendar for 2018 is soon to be released and we encourage all who are interested for 2018 to communicate with us as soon as possible.


Denny with a nice July Chinook


Tight lines

George Cuthbert

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