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August 2017 Fishing

August is well upon us and Anglers at King Pacific Lodge have been enjoying both excellent fishing and weather.

Chinook/King salmon action has been far better this year than previous. Coho / Silver salmon continue to be more and more abundant with excellent average sizes topping 12 pounds.  This past week provided some notable large Tyee (Chinook over 3o pounds) including several in the 40’s and mid 30’s. Our largest last week was 43 pounds!


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Cheney Point, Cape Swain and Cape Mark have all been top producers. The flasher / Anchovy combination has been working very well this season, we’re starting to catch quite a few on either whole herring or cut-plug baits. Depths appear to be a little shallower on average and the lucky depths of 37 / 47ft seem to produce the best. This is a great time of year to try “mooching’ whereby a bait is fished behind a 6oz weight without the use of a downrigger. The custom “KPL” Irish cream spoon from Gibbs/Delta tackle has been working very well when trolled behind a flasher.

All fishing areas are showing a healthy population of baitfish including herring, needlefish and squid. At times, bait-balls are 100ft deep and often spread out over the water hundreds of feet. Herring are typically smaller this year and we’re finding most to be 4 and 5 inches at the cleaning table.


“Fish Finder” showing massive schools of baitfish

KPL Anglers continue to comment on the quality of fishing experience at Milbanke Sound. Our exclusive location provides a productive fishing area with very little pressure and the ability to find miles of coastline to fish all on your own. All within five minutes away!

King Pacific is so much more than fishing! Enjoy Chef Luke’s amazing meals during your stay, go kayaking, rowing or utilize our spa now featuring two RMT (Massage Therapists). Marine nature viewing opportunities are endless. Killer, Humpback and Sei whales were all viewed this week along with Sea Otter, Sea Lion, Seals and an abundance of bird life.

For those guests who fished with us in 2017, it was a pleasure to see all of you out on the water! We’re already booking for 2018. If you were sadly unable to fish this year due to lack of availability please email or call early for next season and we’ll do our best to find space during your preferred dates. KPLgreatfishing

Kindest Regards,


George Cuthbert



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