Sunrise on our Fishing Charter at King Pacific Lodge

Fishing is simply excellent

Great Fish!

Great Fish!


Early July is upon us and the we’re enjoying great weather and excellent fishing.

The past week provided calm northwest winds and easy, comfortable access to all of our fishing areas.

Chinook and Coho salmon appear to be in very good abundance this year. KPL opened June 12 and Anglers have been experiencing consistent catches at most of our regular fishing locations. Several of our larger Chinook almon have been over 40 pounds with the largest being 46. The largest Coho to date was caught just yesterday at 15 pounds. Cheney Point, Cheney 2 and Cape Mark have been hot spots. Popular baits have been both anchovy and flasher or flasher and spoon – anywhere from 40 to 80 ft deep. We’ve been noticing 4 – 5 inch herring, squid and needlefish in the bellies of the fish we are cleaning. It’s usually at this time of year where we start to fish a variety of different “hootchies” (artificial squid baits). These can produce incredible results and are easy to fish.

Wildlife encounters have been numerous. Killer and Humpback whales, Porpoise, Sea Lions and Sea otters are all a regular sighting. Many guests are choosing to take our our ocean kayaks for an evening paddle. Our 17ft Tyee rowboats have also been outfitted with 6hp Mercury outboards and we’re looking forward to our first Tyee Chinook (over 30 pounds)  to be taken while rowing. If you’re visiting KPL this season we hope you give this historic form of row boat fishing a try.

Its always a pleasure to see so many repeat guests who book with us each year. Both new and existing guests often comment on the calm, protected waters and the fact there are no other fishing lodges in the area. Our fishing grounds are very close to the lodge and unlike other areas, not crowded with too many boats.

If you’re visiting KPL this year,  plan on some great fishing and camaraderie among friends. We’re looking forward to seeing you.


George Cuthbert



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