Fabulous August Fishing

August is here and its so wonderful to see so many of our regular guests; most who have been with us since our first season.

The weather has been excellent and allowing our fishing fleet to access all of our regular hot spots. This week, these spots included Cheney Point, Cheney 2, Cape Mark and Ivory Lighthouse.

Larger salmon are showing in good numbers. This recent trip has has seen our most Tyee of any trip totalling ten over 30 pounds. While not as many salmon compared to June and July, August typically sees these monsters hitting the dock. In the past week we’ve seen several in the high 40’s and two over 50 pounds. On angler yesterday caught a 46 and a 32 pound Chinook. Hows that for a dream day of fishing!

Coho are showing in reasonable numbers and the largest to date is 18 pound. These are super feisty fish caught while trolling along the shoreline or targeted a little further off shore. We’re starting to see these on the surface feeding as they grow quickly for their fall spawning event.

Popular fishing gear includes flasher hootchie, whole herring and flasher anchovie. First thing in the morning we’re finding action tight to the kelp beds and shallow; often only 30ft depth fishing. As the sun rises we’re moving a little further off shore and down as deep as 100ft.

Guests are often commenting on the quality of the fishing equipment and fishing boats. We’re pleased to provide the very best in angling equipment and we’re already working on an enhanced program for 2017.

As we wind up this report we’d like to thank all of our staff and guests for another safe summer of fishing. We’ve had excellent communication out on the water and have been having a great time.

2017 is already filling in quickly with more than 60% of our dates fully subscribed. Should you be looking for an adventure next summer and would like information please contact us as soon as possible.




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