A new month – August!

The past week has provided some challenging wind and wave condition as heavy northwest winds have been blowing. While we enjoy warm sunny skies, the wind is a continual reminder of where we are – the wild west coast!

We’ve persevered and fortunately have a couple of spots close by and protected. Often under these conditions we can get to our regular fishing spots early in the AM and get a good tides fishing in before the weather heats and the winds start.

Some notable fish came in recently including our largest of the season at 53 pounds! Taken at Cheney 2, this incredible salmon took a herring trolled at 70ft. Other large fish include a 43 pounder taken yesterday and several others in the high 30’s.

Most of our guides are working with the tried and true whole herring rigs and / or anchovy trolled behind a rotating flasher. 70 ft during the day is evidently the right depth for some better sized fish.

Our forecast is predicting continued NW winds and we’re keeping our fingers crossed for some rain and Southerlies.

Should you have any questions please contact us anytime!


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