Chinook and Coho

ericscohoAs our fabulous 2016 season continues into the last part of August, we are experiencing excellent fishing and good catches.

Chinook and Coho salmon continue to increase in abundance and the weather is beautiful. This last week showed some amazing fish including a 46 pound Chinook and a 19 pound Coho. Generally the fishing overall has been slower than previous years and while we would always like to see our anglers into many for the sport of playing fish, the overall experience has been wonderful.

The Northwest winds which have hampered our efforts for a few days have subsided. We’re looking forward to some nice calm winds and sunny skies.

While adverse conditions can prove a challenge to fishing, it also forces us to think outside of the regular tackle box and mix things up. Last week as an example, the regular fishing along Cheney Point and Cheney II was a little slower and the cross winds a little more difficult. Several of our boats ventured to the south of the lodge and into Thompson Sound, about 25 minutes away. Here, we found calm water and within the first minutes of the first boat fishing – an amazing 40 pounder was landed. Hows’ that for a welcome to a new fishing area?


The most popular bait this season by far has been Anchovies trolled at 35 to 55ft. Herring is the usual favourite and we’ve been noticing so much smaller baitfish this year over past.

As August winds down we’re having many inquiries into available dates for 2017. While most of our 2017 space will be occupied by repeat guests from 2016, we have multiple dates open and welcome an opportunity to introduce you to King Pacific Lodge. Should you haven any questions please contact us anytime.

Tight Lines

George Cuthbert

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