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September fish!


We’ve entered the first week of September and we’re enjoying both excepting fishing and weather. The last week has gifted us with calm seas and great action out on the water.

A low pressure system recently brought a little rain, a bit of wind and plenty of fish! This was significantly different from the long, dry westerly winds of August.  Cheney Point and Cheney 2 have been the best producing areas and Flasher with Anchovy has been the overall winning combination. Herring trolled both whole or cut plug has been working as well as Flasher Anchovy. 47 and 57ft seem to be the lucky depth numbers and hugging the shoreline within 100ft of water.

As an example, three days ago, Fisher Cuthbert (10) played a 21, 25 and a whopping 32 pound Chinook.  Today, Al and Gail of Vancouver brought in their fifth Tyee (over 30 pounds) Chinook of the trip!

Nice Coho salmon have been coming in and while not as plentiful as previous years, highlights include six over 18 pounds. Most have been caught within the top thirty feet of water.

Our local wildlife has been providing entertainment as Humpback Whales enjoy the bounty of the smaller three inch herring bait schools. Killer Whales, Sea otters, Sea lions are also a regular appearance.

Should you be thinking of a trip for 2017 we’d look forward to communicating with you soon. Our available dates are already quite limited for the coming year.


George Cuthbert


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