Late July Recap: Calm Seas, Fair Weather, and Lots of Fish

Hello all

We are well into the last part of July and having a wonderful time. Milbanke Sound continues to be such an incredible location for fun, friends and fish!

The seas and weather have been very favourable since the beginning of the season. The past couple of weeks have provided clear skies, calm mornings and some windy afternoons as winds pick up from the North West. Regardless, we always seem to have a place to fish and plenty of boats have been enjoying afternoons at places like Thompson Bay. This location allows easy fishing for those blustery afternoons.

Many of the guides have been venturing out to exciting ares such as McGinnes Island and Ivory Island. These have been the hot spots for salmon in recent days. While Cheney Point and Cape Swain continue to be our favourites, the fish seem to be a little more scattered right now.  Generally, fishing has been good. Chinooks are running in the 12-20lb range with several in the mid to high 20’s this past trip. Bottom fish continue to be abundant. Ling and Halibut have been regular catches. Cheney produced some nice Coho in past days as well. We are starting to see some larger ones in the 13-15lb size range.

We’re looking forward to moving into the August fishing. This is an exciting time of year when migrating Chinook and Coho continue to fatten up as they travel south.

Our crew has been doing exceptionally well and we have been very pleased with the positive comments from our guests. The food has been incredible, great guides, service staff and deck hands. We are all very pleased to be up and running.














Dates for 2024 are already a common question. Should you be thinking of a trip for next year we would love to discuss.

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