July 2 Recap: Fishing Hot Spots — Cape Swain, Cheney Point, and Ivory Island.

We are having a wonderful time at King Pacific Lodge! The weather, fishing, and sea conditions have been absolutely fantastic.

Hot Spots for the week include Cape Swain, Cheney Point, Ivory Island.  There have been several trips to McGinnes Island.  Popular lures have been the Gibbs, Skinny G spoon, flasher / anchovy, and flasher / green Hoochie.

Salmon have been in the 12-20lb range with several in the high 20’s. Halibut have been in good numbers with several in the 50 – 60 pound range.

From all report, our crew is doing a fantastic job. It feels so great to be back at Milbanke Sound.

We are looking forward to seeing all of our booked guests! We are a little behind on getting pre-trip and flight information out. Please bear with us and we’ll make sure you are on the flight!

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