July 27, 2015

Have you ever been towed around by a large Chinook salmon?

A King Pacific Lodge angler experienced this during the early AM tide today. Congratulations Dustin on your incredible 36 pound “Tyee” Chinook!

Along with our fleet of fully outfitted Kayak’s, King Pacific has two of the finest “Tyee” Rowboats available. Guests may choose to use these at any time and this morning Dustin did just that. Rowing along the shoreline at Cheney Point (Background right) the huge fish bit a cut plug herring “mooched” at 40 feet.  “The fish pulled me around in the boat and in circles.”exclaimed Dustin. “I was at least 50 yards from where I hooked it and thought I may need a larger landing net.”

And the rest of the fleet experienced excellent fishing too. Gord, Dale and I were fishing at Cheney II when we hooked into a beautiful 13 pound Coho at 5:45am. From there it was non stop action including multiple Chinook (largest 31 pounds) and other Coho.

The radio was buzzing with information and it appears most anglers were into multiple fish regardless of location.

We’re enjoying an excellent season. Should you be looking for additional information please contact us anytime!


George Cuthbert




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