July 26, 2015



Fishing is simply awesome.

During the past 24 hours King Pacific Lodge anglers have brought in nine “Tyee” well over thirty pounds each. Congratulations Michael on a 32 pounder and Bob on this whopping 45 pounder! Both taken on the very first afternoon of the trip.  Other notable fish were in the mid to high thirties and several others taken this AM.

Halibut and Ling cod are a popular sport species and sea conditions have been quite favourable for their pursuit. Several of these fish were taken this AM.

Herring baits have been a little more popular than the productive flasher and hootchie combination we’ve been so successful with. Cape Mark and The “Notch” have been the very recent hot spots.

We’ll continue to keep you updated as best we can.

2016 is already filling in quickly. Should you like to review availability please contact us anytime!






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