Some very nice fish

Chloe Cuthbert with a nice Chinook

King Pacific Lodge guests have been working hard for the fish this past week with great results. Highlights were a pair of “Tyee” taken just last night off Cheney Point by two guests fishing self guided! 33 and 31 pounds! Other notable fish were several other Tyee with the largest being 43 pounds! Coho are steadily increasing in abundance with the largest being 13 pounds to date.


King Pacific Lodge “Ironwood” 20ft

Rick and Rick were in early this AM with beautiful 34 and 28 pound Chinook. After a quick bite to eat, they headed right back out and we don’t expect to see them until well after dinner.

Winds have been quite favourable and sometimes a little windy and choppy in the afternoon. Regardless of water conditions we have been fishing all areas within the Milbanke Sound area. Many boats have been venturing to Thompson Bay, 20 minutes to the south of our lodge location. Thompson provides flat calm conditions during westerly wind directions and is a beautiful place to fish.  Cheney Point and Cape Mark continue to be the go to locations for daybreak fishing. Coho and Chinook have been biting well on the tide changes regardless of location.

At the cleaning table, we’ve found the salmon are feeding on small needlefish and very small herring. Most boats are fishing a little deeper at 60-90ft and often the smaller baits such as anchovies, small spoons and white hooch’s are working well.

King Pacific Lodge 21ft “Northwest”

For those who are interested in bottom fish, we have been doing well on Halibut, Ling Cod and Rockfish both over at Thompson Bay and a longer run to McGinnes Island.

Around the lodge we’ve been having a great time. Many guests are finishing up on salmon, enjoying a Kayak trip, viewing wildlife and a little skeet shooting.

Should you be looking for information about this years fishing or interested in our schedule for 2019 please contact us anytime!






George Cuthbert








Sunny and…Windy

The past week has given us some exceptionally sunny and warm days at Milbanke Sound. And, with the sunny skies and high pressure, we experience heavier than usual North West winds. Our usual fishing spots along the west side of Athlone Island become a little too choppy to fish, particularly in the afternoon. At times like these we are thankful to be at this particular location as we have some options for calm water fishing!

Thompson Bay, to the South East of

Rebecca and Josh with a nice Milbanke Sound Chinook!

our lodge anchorage, is an incredible calm water location to fish during heavier than normal winds. Only 20 minutes away, our boats were prying a seldom fished area with excellent success. Access to this area is dependent on high enough tide water to travel safely through the ‘back door’ towards Cape Mark.  It’s simply a beautiful place to fish!

Ivory Island, to the North of our usual fishing areas has been producing and the East side of this island provides excellent fishing, calmer waters albeit a choppy ride back to the lodge.

Most Chinook we have been taking continue to be in the 14-20 pound range.  We are starting to see more in the mid 20’s and only yesterday a beautiful 32 pound “Tyee” was weighed in.  Coho continue to be increasing in both size and abundance. Favourite lures for both continue to be our Irish Cream spoon or a green and white Hoochie trolled behind our custom KPL flashers. Anchovies and Herring are all working well a little deeper, up to 90ft.



Guests at King Pacific Lodge always seem to enjoy an abundance of wildlife such as whales, porpoise, sea-lions etc. To our delight last week, a local Humpback whale stayed close to our anchorage and provided hours of aerobatic jumping, rolling and tail flopping.  Some suggested the whale was feeding and schooling bait, others thought it was trying to rid itself of barnacles. In the end we all decided it was just wanting to have fun!

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Kindest Regards,

George Cuthbert


Feeling Lucky!


We have enjoyed another exciting fishing week here at King Pacific Lodge!

Congratulations to Noelle on an incredible forty pounder!

Our sixth group of guests for 2o18 flew in yesterday all with big smiles and happy to be out on the water. Many of which flew in from New York and even Alabama! While the fishing has slowed a little over the past 24 hours, we anticipate the great fishing and weather will continue.

Julie and Betty brought a tremendous amount of excitement to the lodge this weekend. Their lively spirit has brought them some good luck on the water!

Julie and Betty from Alabama – even the fish were wanting to join the excitement!

Last week ended with some truly remarkable catches. 11 large “Tyee” over 30 pounds hit the dock with the largest being a whopping 40 pounds! Hot spots continue to be Cape Mark and Cheney Point. Most Chinook are weighing in at 15-20 pounds and Coho, while less abundant have been starting their 2018 debut in the waters of Milbanke Sound. Baitfish continue to be abundant at all of our favourite spots and seem to be holding good populations of salmon at 40-70ft. Anchovy and flasher has been the favourite for most guides and self guided anglers. We’re seeing quite a few squid around the waters too.

Some nice eating Halibut, Ling and Rockfish have been regular catches and a favourite table fare for many. The “Coop”, “Mushroom” and reefs south of our regular salmon areas have been producing at depths up to 300 ft.

Our weather has been holding nicely and we’re looking for calm seas in the coming days. We will keep everyone updated.

The crew at King Pacific Lodge is looking forward to welcoming you this summer. We often have guests asking about our fishing guides/instructors and we thought of sharing some information. Look for continued updates on our guide roster in the coming weeks.


Stephen Stahley – King Pacific Lodge Sport Fishing Guide

Stephen Stahley is new this year to KPL and comes to us from a long family history of commercial fishing.  Recently, he retired from a teaching / vocational career on Vancouver island and brings energy and excitement to our instructor and guiding program. Having logged thousands of hours on the water and in the classroom, Stephen is proving to provide the perfect combination for our fishing team – “I love teaching people how to fish and this is the best place in the world to do so!”




Dave Drever “Double D” King Pacific Lodge Sport Fishing Guide


Dave Drever “Double D” is with us again this year and is a proven favourite with both guests and crew alike. His positive attitude, energy, knowledge of the Milbanke Sound water and weather conditions make him one of our most requested long term guides. He comes from a background in the wood products industries in BC. We’re dreaming up ways to store and save the energy he creates for the future of mankind! Dave’s favourite fishing spots include Cheney Point and Cape Mark.  He’s known for big fish, big smiles and the odd fish story we’d find hard to believe if it wasn’t told by Dave.



Conor Stookes – King Pacific Lodge Sport Fishing Guide

Conor Stookes comes to us from Vancouver Island, BC and his passion is fishing the wild West Coast. He’s spent five years guiding in Haida Gwaii and Vancouver Island waters and has caught on very quickly to the Central Coast and Milbanke Sound fisheries.

Prior to guiding, Conor worked on bulk freighters steering and working as a deckhand. His passion is fishing and works year round guiding for salmon and then for freshwater winter steelhead trout.

Conor’s enthusiasm and professional conduct is a pleasure to see. He has extensive ocean and river fishing experience and his commitment to safety led him to acquire a 60 ton master certificate.





Several dates are available during our exciting 2018 season. Contact us anytime for additional information.

Kindest Regards,

George Cuthbert




















Excellent Fishing

Fishing continues to be very good at King Pacific Lodge! The weather has been fantastic and we have enjoyed calm seas and excellent catches.

Cape Mark and Cheney point have been the hot spots in the recent week. Anglers have also been fishing Ivory Island to the north with great results.  We’ve been experiencing some large tides recently and this usually results in a better bite on the high or low tide.

Our favourite spoon lure,  the Gibbs/Delta “Irish Cream” has been working very well trolled behind a red or green flasher. Anchovy baits have been producing with or without a flasher. We’ve had several guests working the tides and first thing in the morning “mooching’ cut plug herring and it seems no matter what we’re offering – the fish are biting.

Since opening on the 18th of June the Chinook have been plentiful and while most are in the high teens and low 20’s, we’ve had over a dozen “Tyee” (Chinook over 30 pounds).

Many of our guests have inquired into our salmon limits for 2018 and area 7 (Milbanke Sound) remains unchanged. Anglers may retain 4 Chinook salmon and 4 other salmon during their trip. Our professional fish processing crew is pleased to process this into any desired vacuum packaged size.

King Pacific Guests have also been enjoying the overall Milbanke Sound area’s other attributes. Kayaking amongst the sea otters was a hit with a family recently visiting from Switzerland. Viewing Killer Whales, Humpback Whales, Porpoise, wolves and bear have all been reported by our guests.

Several great dates remain in 2018. Please contact us for additional information.

Our 2019 calendar will be out soon. King Pacific Lodge will be changing to a Thursday / Sunday changeover schedule next summer. While many our dates will be filled with repeat anglers from this summer, we welcome the opportunity to review our schedule with new guests.


Kindest Regards,


George Cuthbert


The evening bite! Guides Connor and Ronnie with a beautiful Milbanke Sound Tyee.