July 19th, 2015



Expect excellent fishing at King Pacific Lodge Milbanke Sound.

In recent days we’ve had some truly remarkable fishing. “We’re just thrilled to be here. The lodge and fishing grounds are beyond our expectations” Stated Meghan as her fish was lifted from the boat on her first full day of fishing. “Forty Pounds!”

Northwest winds are easing and anglers are enjoying sunshine and calm seas along most of our areas shoreline.  Hot spots still include Cheney and Cheney II. “The Notch” has produced quality fish at deeper depths.

Our largest Coho of the season was weighed in earlier today at 14 pounds. Coho will continue to grow in size as they approach nearby spawning headwaters. Milbanke Sound holds an abundance of baitfish and entices fish to stay close all season.

Our resident Sea Otters continue to be spotted along the local shoreline feeding on  Sea Urchin. Their increasing abundance helps control the Urchin populations which feed on Kelp. More Kelp equals more habitat for fish of all description.

With so much to do and see at King Pacific Lodge, we’re the perfect place for family or corporate entertainment. We look forward to staying in touch.




Stealing the show


The last few days have produced some excellent catches. As veteran fishing guide Dave Drever illustrates, each fish should be celebrated – at the right time!

Cool, calm southerly winds have brought excellent conditions for being on the water and our anglers have been having a great time. An early morning bite at Cheney II yesterday produced multiple large fish and sent our last group of guests home with big smiles.

Eight year old Fisher Cuthbert coached his two older sisters as they reeled in salmon and then landed his all time Chinook record of 23 pounds. “You have to know where  to fish” Said Fisher. (note he’s pulling down the scale)


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Going fishing…



The weather and fishing continues to be great at Milbanke Sound.

Mild winds continue to provide comfortable fishing conditions and anglers have had easy access to fishing areas.

Chinook continue to be in good abundance and average size has been in the high teens – low twenty’s.  A nice 31b tyee hit the dock last night and word is there are a couple more coming in today.

West Sport Fishing guide Ronnie Gunn was the first back to the dock this morning at 8am with his guests. Having already played thirteen Chinook and keeping the last two for their trip; coming back to the lodge for a late breakfast and AM Massage seemed the thing to do!

And, now guide Harry Neilson is back to the dock after his guests played a dozen or so fish – bringing back a 27lb and 26lb Chinook.

Doesn’t seem to matter what the lure is today – everyone’s using different gear and having success!

Time to get out there myself…




Forty pounder



Well, it’s official. We’re now into forty pounder territory! Congratulations to Henry with his forty pound Tyee Chinook! “The Notch” has proved to produce some very nice fish this year.

While fishing was slower this morning then anticipated, several nice Chinook and Coho came into the dock in the mid twenty’s. Overcast skies were the result of winds shifting briefly to Southeast and the waters flat calm.

Many anglers chose to move about the area and target ling and Halibut. Several nice Halibut were taken in the thirty to sixty pound range. Congratulations Laura on your awesome Halibut!


We’re looking forward to continued good weather and excellent fishing!


Salmon Smiles



Fishing continues to be excellent at Milbanke Sound! The very first boat back to the dock 8am had four Chinook salmon! Fish are between 14 and 24lbs with the largest coming in at 36 pounds! Most anglers are reporting catches this am of several Chinook per guest.

The weather is fantastic with very light winds and calm seas. Cape Mark and Cheney II seem to be the hot spots.

Other than the fishing we’ve seen some amazing wildlife including our local white wolf, an eagle on the dock, killer whales, sea otters and river otters.

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Tight lines!





Northwest winds have proven a challenge when fishing the afternoon tide. Still, anglers are finding fish within St.Johns Harbour at depths of 60-80 feet. Massive bait balls of herring and needlefish are pushed within the bay and attracting Chinook and Coho.

Here, fishing guide Dave Drever, “DD” hoists a nice 25 pound Chinook over the side from within Louisa cove.

The forecast continues to feature clear skies, sunshine and these afternoon  NW winds. Anglers are enjoying productive fishing at Cheney Point, Cape Mark and other regular hot spots during early morning and early afternoon tides.

Herring and Anchovy baits and other lures all seem to be working well. Our guides are constantly trying and testing new lures along with many of their own long standing favourites.  You never know what the next hot producing lure may be. Should you have a favourite – bring it along!



Salmon Season!



Chinook and Coho salmon continue to roll in at West Sport Fishing’s King Pacific Lodge!

While the afternoon Northwest Winds have proven a challenge, the early morning bite right through to mid day has been strong. Anglers are experiencing consistent action and happy smiles!

Hot spots continue to be Cape Mark, Cheney Point and Cheney II. Popular baits include our quality Herring and Anchovy. The guides have been trying many different types of artificial lures including spoons and squid “hoochies” with green, white and black combinations. Depths are typical at 45 – 65ft and close to the shore.

This morning, Jim Cuthbert and Brian Hayes (Victoria BC) hoist a mornings catch after releasing six others.  Congratulations!

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george@westsportfishing.com should you have any specific questions about the lodge and fishing.

George Cuthbert

Incredible Fishing!

Chloe Cuthbert Chinook

The 2015 West Sport Fishing | King Pacific Lodge fishing season has begun!

We’ve experienced excellent fishing with most Chinook/King salmon coming in at 18-24 pounds. Coho have arrived early this year and are already hitting the 12 pound mark.

The largest Chinook of the season was weighed in at 36 pounds this morning marking first hit of our new Tyee Gong!

Fishing spots include Cheney Point, Cheney II and Cape Mark. We haven’t had to run far at all.

The WSF guide crew is one of the most experienced we’ve seen and we’re all looking forward to the many wonderful guests and groups joining us in 2015.

Our guests have commented on the delicious meals and wonderful service provided at the lodge and we’re pleased to do so! Chef Steve Demore and his team have truly outdone themselves and this years menu is amazing.

Should you be visiting this season and require additional information please contact our office anytime.

And, should a trip for 2016 be of interest please let us know as soon as possible. We’ll do our best to find a date.

Tight lines!

George Cuthbert