Going fishing…



The weather and fishing continues to be great at Milbanke Sound.

Mild winds continue to provide comfortable fishing conditions and anglers have had easy access to fishing areas.

Chinook continue to be in good abundance and average size has been in the high teens – low twenty’s.  A nice 31b tyee hit the dock last night and word is there are a couple more coming in today.

West Sport Fishing guide Ronnie Gunn was the first back to the dock this morning at 8am with his guests. Having already played thirteen Chinook and keeping the last two for their trip; coming back to the lodge for a late breakfast and AM Massage seemed the thing to do!

And, now guide Harry Neilson is back to the dock after his guests played a dozen or so fish – bringing back a 27lb and 26lb Chinook.

Doesn’t seem to matter what the lure is today – everyone’s using different gear and having success!

Time to get out there myself…




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