July 19th, 2015



Expect excellent fishing at King Pacific Lodge Milbanke Sound.

In recent days we’ve had some truly remarkable fishing. “We’re just thrilled to be here. The lodge and fishing grounds are beyond our expectations” Stated Meghan as her fish was lifted from the boat on her first full day of fishing. “Forty Pounds!”

Northwest winds are easing and anglers are enjoying sunshine and calm seas along most of our areas shoreline.  Hot spots still include Cheney and Cheney II. “The Notch” has produced quality fish at deeper depths.

Our largest Coho of the season was weighed in earlier today at 14 pounds. Coho will continue to grow in size as they approach nearby spawning headwaters. Milbanke Sound holds an abundance of baitfish and entices fish to stay close all season.

Our resident Sea Otters continue to be spotted along the local shoreline feeding on  Sea Urchin. Their increasing abundance helps control the Urchin populations which feed on Kelp. More Kelp equals more habitat for fish of all description.

With so much to do and see at King Pacific Lodge, we’re the perfect place for family or corporate entertainment. We look forward to staying in touch.




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  1. Tracey Quick
    Tracey Quick says:

    Our 14 person group had a BLAST on our recent visit. Lots of fish caught, 5 star food consumed and lifelong memories made. A big thank you to George and his whole staff for making us feel so much at home we didn’t want to leave! Happy fishing and see you in ’16

  2. Jeff Quick
    Jeff Quick says:

    First class boats, first class equipment, first class guides. I brought 16 folks who all want to come back.


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