Milbanke August 11th

Fishing continues to be great at Milbanke Sound!

Our fleet is a little wet today with small gusts of SE winds bringing precipitation. Still, the fish are biting and our guests are having a great time.  Several nice big fish over 30lbs have come in over the past few days with the largest being 38lbs. We’ve included a shot of Terry and Jaimie who have been fishing with us for years as a family group. Terry’s largest and first Tyee weighed in at 33lbs!

Coho have really been coming in and the largest to date weighed 13lbs. We expect these fish to continue with higher abundance as we move towards September. My guess is we will see Coho top 20lbs this year as the abundance of feed in the water is incredible.

Our regular spots at Cheney Point, Cheney. 2 and. Cape Swain are the real producers.  Most of our guests are using the green and white spoons, flashers. Pretty much any bait will work right now too and we have plenty of Anchovy and Herring.

Lots of fun happening around the lodge. Many guests have been entertained by Pat Deane (Affectionately known as Chief) with his renditions of Johnny Cash. Another one of our guides, Dave Collins, (AKA Opera) has been belting out his professional Opera vocals to the delight of guests and crew alike.

We are anticipating the fishing to remain strong well into September. For those of you who may still be looking for a fishing trip we have space open August 31-03September and 03-07 September. Our last trip is scheduled for the 07-10 September and this date is now sold out.

Bookings are coming in steady for 2024. Should you be thinking of a trip please contact us anytime!



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