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Late August Recap: A Huge 41-pound Tyee from Louisa Cove

King Pacific Lodge guests have been prying waters a little closer to home the last few days. Strong Southerlies have kept us close to Cheney point and Louisa Cove. Still, incredible fish have been coming in. The benefit to King Pacific Lodge is the proximity of the fishing areas and when we experience larger than usual winds we are still able to fish!

Louisa Cove 41 pound Tyee!

Chinook and Coho keep rolling in. Yesterday’s efforts in Louisa cove produced some incredible fish including a beautiful 41 pound Tyee!

Most recent fish have been taken using flasher & hoochie combinations and herring. Depths have continued to be a little deeper at 80 -100ft. Baitfish continue to be abundant and holding fish. It is at this time of year we start to see some larger Coho as well. Cheney Point gave up this beautiful 17 pounder and while most Coho are in the 10-13 pound range we anticipate more coming in closer or exceeding 20 pounds.


Cheney Point 17 pound Coho!

Whales continue to be a common sight and are a treat to see. King Pacific Lodge guests can look forward to Humpback Whale and Killer Whale sightings at least every couple of days.

We expect mixed weather to continue over the next couple of days followed by calm westerlies.

Should you be looking forward to a trip in the coming days we are excited to see you. Thank you to all guests who have fished with us in recent weeks!






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