Late July Recap: Favourable Weather & Plenty of Catches!

Guests and Crew of King Pacific Lodge continue to enjoy everything the 2019 season has to offer.

Katie icing down some nice Tyee

We have been experiencing very favourable weather and fishing conditions on top of some excellent catches! Over the past couple of weeks we’ve seen many nice Tyee (Chinook over 30 pounds) coming in with the largest being a whopping 58 pounds. Most Chinook are ranging from 15-22 pounds. Coho are increasing in numbers and are now averaging over 10 pounds.

Some truly huge fish!

Cheney Point, Cape Swain, Cheney 2 continue to be the hot spots for both Chinook and Coho salmon. A few boats have been fishing Cape Mark as well with good success. We have been fishing a little deeper lately as the surface ocean temperature has been as high as 63 degrees. Bottom fish have been plentiful and we have been fishing a nice range of areas from McGinnes Island – south to the Goose Group “Chicken” ranch (halibut)

Waiting for the bite…

All baits and lures seem to be producing for salmon. Spoons and Anchovy/Flasher have been the best. We have also had success with Mooching cut-plug herring along the shoreline.

Clifton and his 45 pound Tyee

Beautiful evenings at King Pacific Lodge

Its a pleasure to see so many familiar guests both at the lodge and on the water. Guests are often telling us what a treat it is to see so many returning crew to KPL each year. The food, new lodge decor, upgraded boats and streamline changeovers have all been recognized as vast improvements. This, we are happy to hear!

Wildlife continues to abound within the Milbanke Sound area. Killer and Humpback whales, seals, bears, sea otter and river otter are all common sights. Eagles, Osprey, Ravens and an abundance of sea birds are always around.

We’re already at that time of year where we have demand on next season dates. Should you be thinking of a trip for next year already and have some favourite times in mind please contact us anytime!


George Cuthbert

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