August 30, 2015

MatthewandFisher Kidsandfish  

“We’re having a great time!” were the words of nine year old Matthew Walker. After less than one hour’s fishing the day of arrival and Guided by Ronnie Gunn and Fisher Cuthbert, Matthew and his father landed a beautiful 27lb Chinook. Congratulations!

As we enter the last few days of August the Chinook and Coho fishing remains spectacular. The weather however has taken a turn for the past 24 hours and we’re experiencing some of the heaviest winds of the season.  We’re not alone though. Vancouver is currently experiencing more than half a million people without power – and, we’re still fishing!


Milbanke Sound is known for both fantastic fishing and having a very close proximity to the fishing grounds. At times of heavy weather, the winds often sail right over our calm water fishing areas. These unique fishing conditions allow for excellent catches. Here, Derek Kirkpatrick shows off a beautiful Chinook weighing over 20 pounds!

The last week has produced some very nice fish including several Tyee over 30 pounds and Coho are now often over 15 pounds. This time of year also makes an incredible place for children to experience an abundance of fish and wildlife before heading back to school.

We’ve enjoyed an excellent season and could not have hoped for a more productive salmon run in 2015.

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