2024 Fishing just around the corner!

Hello Anglers!

We are really looking forward to getting out on the water this summer. And, its coming up quickly! Excitement is building and our crew is anxious to get going. For those of you who have already booked in and secured your dates – Thank You. Your support is really appreciated and its nice to see both new and returning guests. If you are still looking to book for this summer, we do have space on select dates. Best to check in with us soon and see what works for your schedule!

Lisa and I are excited to announce Lorna Landry has joined our team! For many of you who have already booked for 2024, Lorna may have already been in touch regarding your trip details. Lorna, Lisa and I worked at the former West Coast Resorts organization for over 15 years.

Originally from Nova Scotia, Lorna has been in the fishing lodge industry on the west coast since  1996. And, she knows how to fish! A great experience is all in the details and Lorna is a stickler for those! Welcome Lorna!



Here is a great shot of Lorna guiding Chloe Cuthbert (Lodge Concierge) into her first Tyee at age 5!

Here is a great shot of Lorna guiding Chloe Cuthbert (Lodge Concierge) into her first Tyee at age 5!

From all accounts, we should be in for another excellent summer of salmon fishing. Our usual seasonal preparations are underway and everything is coming together nicely for opening day. There has been a lot of hard work put into stripping down and restoring the Ironwood boats. Fresh paint always looks nice and the new wiring and navigation systems are super helpful. On the dock, we are happy to announce the addition of two blast / plate freezing units. These will allow our guests catch to be frozen rock hard in just a couple of hours.

Word from our friends in the north is of nice and cold ocean conditions, lots of bait and wildlife out on the water. It seems the whales are already feeding heavily too.

Opening day in 2023 was filled with excitement. To top it off, a 40 pound Tyee Chinook was weighed in. What continued was an excellent June for fishing and the subsequent months of July and August were great.

We are happy to report a very similar crew and guests will be pleased to see so many familiar faces.

For those returning guests to King Pacific Lodge, you may recall a beautiful painted cedar Whale fin adorning our fireside lounge. This was created many years ago by a great friend, Steve Smith. (DLA’KWAGILA). Below is an image of Steve and I back in June of 2016. The season had only begun and Steve joined us at King Pacific Lodge to enjoy the excellent fishing and to paint the panel on site, on board the lodge. Upon its first standing up outside, two ravens immediately came from the forest and circled us calling to us as they flew around. From that point, the piece was named “Ravens Envy”.  

Steve is working on another stunning piece for the lodge and we are looking forward to showcasing it this summer.

Learn more about Steve, his culture and beautiful artwork here: https://www.stevesmithnativeart.com/artist-bio.html


Tight Lines!

George Cuthbert



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