August 29th

As we approach September, the good times and great fishing continues at King Pacific.

We have been fishing the entire Milbanke Sound area from Idol Point, out to McGinnes Island and  Cheney Point. Over the past week we have seen a lot of action along the west side of Athlone Island, Cheney 1 & 2.  Very nice Chinook from mid teens to mid 20’s are common and just yesterday we had four Tyee over 30 pounds. Last trip, one of the largest Chinook of the season was taken and weighing in at over 40lbs. Cohos are regularly coming in over 10lbs now with many in the low teens.

All gear types are working well. Green  Spoons, White Hootchie,  Anchovies  and Cut Plug herring are the go to baits. Generally a little deeper from 60-80ft has produced good results.

Bottom fishing has been fantastic as our fleet has had a good chance to get around to all of the favourite spots. Excellent Lingcod and Halibut have been common catches.

The weather and sea conditions have been fantastic. Albeit, a little obscured due to the smoke from forest fires inland British Columbia. Its a constant reminder of the challenges people are facing with these fires and we hope all who are affected are safe. We are expecting some stronger Northwest Winds this coming weekend.

Thanks to all who have visited with us so far this season. We appreciate your continued support and we are very much looking forward to hosting guests until the 10th of September.

Our dates for 2024 are quickly filling in. Should you have specific dates in mind for next year, now is the best time for securing your favourite dates!

Take care,


Milbanke August 11th

Fishing continues to be great at Milbanke Sound!

Our fleet is a little wet today with small gusts of SE winds bringing precipitation. Still, the fish are biting and our guests are having a great time.  Several nice big fish over 30lbs have come in over the past few days with the largest being 38lbs. We’ve included a shot of Terry and Jaimie who have been fishing with us for years as a family group. Terry’s largest and first Tyee weighed in at 33lbs!

Coho have really been coming in and the largest to date weighed 13lbs. We expect these fish to continue with higher abundance as we move towards September. My guess is we will see Coho top 20lbs this year as the abundance of feed in the water is incredible.

Our regular spots at Cheney Point, Cheney. 2 and. Cape Swain are the real producers.  Most of our guests are using the green and white spoons, flashers. Pretty much any bait will work right now too and we have plenty of Anchovy and Herring.

Lots of fun happening around the lodge. Many guests have been entertained by Pat Deane (Affectionately known as Chief) with his renditions of Johnny Cash. Another one of our guides, Dave Collins, (AKA Opera) has been belting out his professional Opera vocals to the delight of guests and crew alike.

We are anticipating the fishing to remain strong well into September. For those of you who may still be looking for a fishing trip we have space open August 31-03September and 03-07 September. Our last trip is scheduled for the 07-10 September and this date is now sold out.

Bookings are coming in steady for 2024. Should you be thinking of a trip please contact us anytime!



Early August at Milbanke Sound

We are having  a great season at King Pacific Lodge!

Fishing continues to be very good and the weather has been unbelievable. Calm seas, sunny skies -mixed with short periods of heavy cloud, fog and rain. Ok, so. not always sunny. And, yes sometimes not always calm. Always fishable.

Most of our fleet fishing for Chinook and Coho have been having very good luck on the north side of Cape Swaine, Cheney Point and Cheney 2. Standard depths have been in the 35-55ft during the tide changes and 75-85ft during the running tide.  We have an excellent supply of both Herring and Anchovy baits however most of our action has been on artificial baits such as hoochies and spoons. Seems anything green/white or Chrome/Copper is working well. Best part is, we are only fishing 5-10 minutes from the lodge.

Bottom fish have been abundant. Excellent catches of Ling Cod seem to be regular along with some very nice Halibut. We venture about 30-40 minutes out for these fish and have been fishing 250-350ft.

We enjoyed watching some youngsters on the dock last trip catching squid! Our fish processing and washing creates un resistible treats fort the squid and they have been coming in thick around the lodge.  Squid have been swimming around the lodge and even Chinook salmon have been seen gorging themselves first thing in the morning.

Guests are reporting a very pleasurable stay at the lodge this year. The evening fire pit has been alive with excellent fishing stories. The meals created for our guests have been well received.

As always we appreciate the continued support of all our guests. We look forward to seeing so many more guests this coming season.