Mid-August Recap: Catching Chinkooks, Cohos, and Waves

Hello Anglers Fishing continues to be really great at King Pacific Lodge. Popular spots over the past couple of weeks have been Cape Mark, Cheney Point, Cape Swain and Ivory Island. The majority of Chinook salmon have been taken on Flasher Anchovy and seemingly any type of shiny spoon in the 4-5inch range. We continue […]

Late July Recap: Calm Seas, Fair Weather, and Lots of Fish

Hello all We are well into the last part of July and having a wonderful time. Milbanke Sound continues to be such an incredible location for fun, friends and fish! The seas and weather have been very favourable since the beginning of the season. The past couple of weeks have provided clear skies, calm mornings […]

July 2 Recap: Fishing Hot Spots — Cape Swain, Cheney Point, and Ivory Island.

We are having a wonderful time at King Pacific Lodge! The weather, fishing, and sea conditions have been absolutely fantastic. Hot Spots for the week include Cape Swain, Cheney Point, Ivory Island.  There have been several trips to McGinnes Island.  Popular lures have been the Gibbs, Skinny G spoon, flasher / anchovy, and flasher / […]

2022: The First Fishing Season in 2 Years Begins Now!

  Welcome to King Pacific Lodge 2022! We hope you, your family and friends are all doing well. Thank you for checking in on us. Finally, after two seasons of some very difficult waiting, we are up and running! The fish are biting, the whales are jumping and we are excited about this season.  Chinook […]

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2021 COVID Update

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A Family’s Journey Through a Unusual Year: The Story of King Pacific Lodge

Wishing you and your Family a Merry Christmas The season is upon us when we find ourselves reflecting over times past and focussing on our family and friends.  It’s also a time for us to look forward optimistically to a New Year.  It is our sincere hope that this message finds you and your family and friends […]