Mid July at Milbanke

Fishing continues to be excellent! The weather has been great, seas calm and we do not anticipate this changing in the coming days.

Most of our salmon effort has been along the west shore of Athlone Island. The north side of Cape Swain, Cheney 2 and Cape Mark have been the popular spots for both Chinook and Coho salmon.

Green/White spoons run behind a flasher and/ or Anchovy run behind a flasher seem to be the baits of choice for Chinook and Coho. Guests at lunch today, reported their boats playing over a dozen fish. While not all are kept, some very nice fish have been weighed in with Chinooks being in the 15-20lb range typically and Cohos in the 8-10lb range.

Bottom fishing continues to be really good for Ling Cod and for those venturing out, some really nice Halibut have been coming in.

There appears to be an enormous amount of feed within our immediate fishing area.  Needlefish and Herring seem to be abundant as the fish are gorging themselves on these baits.

Of particular mention are some nice big fish we continue to see.  Last trip we had many Chinook over 30lbs with one of the largest estimated at 38lbs released. The largest kept was 42lbs.

“Tyee” is a Chinook over 30lbs. Many “Cry’ees” just under 30lbs have been coming which don’t quite meet the Tyee status. Still. awesome fish!

As usual, our local. wildlife has been providing some entertainment. Yesterday we were visited by a pod of Orca, two Humpback and sound of sea otters cracking shells on the water is common.

We are pleased to have had so many positive comments about the food and accommodations at King Pacific Lodge. After a great day on the water we are very proud of the comfort we have been able to provide. Of particular mention is our new “Copper House” lodge located adjacent to the main lodge featuring private dining and accommodation for groups up to 1o.

We are having a great time and look forward to seeing all of the new and returning guests to King Pacific Lodge!

Tight Lines!




A great start to the season!

Welcome to 2023!  King Pacific Lodge opened at Milbanke Sound in late June and we have been having a great time. We are looking forward to the arrival of all of our regular and new guests!

The salmon have been biting, the weather incredible and our seasonal staff have been fantastic!

Chinook have been biting first thing in the morning and on the tide changes. The very day we opened a beautiful 42 pound Tyee was weighed in. This has been followed by several more in the 30’s and today we had a nice 44 pound Tyee. Generally, Chinook have been running 15-22 pound size range and it seems fish over 30lbs are on the dock several times each trip.  Coho have been showing in good numbers. These are ranging from 8-12 pounds.

We are seeing good environmental signs on the water. Baitfish are very abundant and the salmon coming in are full with mature herring, juvenile herring, needlefish and squid. Their bellies are full and the fish have been in great shape.

Salmon have been biting on our regular baits of Flasher/Anchovy or Flasher/Herring. Our go-to green spoon has been very productive as well. Depths have been ranging from. 35-50ft first thing in the morning and up to 90ft later in the day. Cape Mark, Cheney Point and the north side of Cape Swaine have been popular spots.

Many of the guests are tagging out on salmon right away and choosing to try for other species. Good luck has been found with Lingcod and Halibut. Lingcod particularly have been in excellent numbers.

We are all having a great time this year and are already booking for 2024. As usual, June fishing has been excellent and those dates for 2024 are already filling in.

Contact us anytime!