Abundant Salmon and Record-Breaking Tyee Caught at King Pacific Lodge

King Pacific Lodge guests have been enjoying some excellent fishing!

Bob’s first fish of the day

Paul, Will and Conor waiting for the bite off Cape Mark

This past week has produced an abundance of beautiful Chinook in the 15-20 pound range. Several Tyee over 30 pounds have been weighed in  with the largest 43 pounds. Coho are showing in good numbers and we anticipate this to be an excellent year for these salmon. While most are in the 5-8 pound range we have had several over 10 pounds.

Two guests have already weighed in Tyee this morning and the word is Cape Mark was “on fire’ from first light.

KPL Lead guide Troy Hogg netting a 25 pounder

Cape Mark, Cheney Point and Cheney II have all been producing. Our guides and guests have been reporting massive schools of needlefish bait which seem to be holding the interest of the migrating salmon. The weather and sea conditions have been very favourable with the odd breezy afternoon or short term SW Winds.

A beautiful sunrise off Cheney Point

Halibut, Ling Cod and other bottom fish have been plentiful. We have been travelling a little ways for the best action on these and it has certainly been worth the trip.

The forecast for the coming week is very favourable with light to moderate winds and calm seas. For future information this link will provide our local area forecast:




Its been a pleasure to see so many returning guests to the lodge this year. We are looking forward to visiting with all booked guests in the near future.

Should you still be considering a fishing trip for 2019 please contact us anytime. Several prime dates are available during what is turning out to be a fantastic season!

Kindest Regards


Experience the Wild at King Pacific Lodge: 2019 Season Now Open!

We would like to welcome all of our guests to the 2019 season! We were anticipating great fishing and the first few days on the water have been excellent!

Anglers have been enjoying steady action at all of our usual hot spots. Cheney point, Cape Mark, Cape Swain have all been producing. In the past few days we’ve seen three beautiful Tyee (Chinook/King over 30 pounds) weighed in along with an abundance of 15 – 25 pounders.  Several early season Coho have also been eager to bite and overall the fishing is very good!

Our crew is looking forward to seeing all of our regular guests and of course those visiting for the first time. You can expect to see many familiar faces on the water. All of our regular, seasoned veteran guides are back with us and eager to get out on the water!

Fish have been particularly active on the morning tides. There’s a large abundance of baitfish holding fish and we’ve been fishing the entire water column from 30-100ft.  Spoons, Hoochies and Anchovy baits have been a favourite trolled both with and without a flasher.

Our first few trips to the Halibut fishing areas have been very successful. Halibut have been coming in between 20 and 45 pounds.

Our weather has been very good. Light to moderate southerly winds will be switching to moderate northwest. Expect calm waters first thing and a little bit of choppy water in the afternoons for the next few days.

Should you still be considering a fishing trip for 2019 please contact us soon. We do have a few dates left which are sure to please.

From all the KPL crew, we hope you have a great summer. We’ll keep our blog updated regularly and we look forward to staying in touch!


George Cuthbert