Welcome 2018!

Welcome to the 2018 season!

We have many excited guests booked for this season and asking about the first fishing. We’re happy to report the season has started off very well.

Coast Island Marine towing the King Pacific Lodge safely to St. Johns Harbour

Our winter and spring were spent replenishing supplies, repairing equipment and preparing for our fifth season of operation. This included towing the King Pacific Lodge to North Vancouver BC  for hull maintenance. Seaspan Drydock lifted the 1600 ton lodge out of the water and did a great job restoring several areas for the longevity of this floating facility. Our fishing fleet of Ironwood and Northwest boats was shipped to Vancouver Island for repainting, re-powering with reliable Mercury engines and improvements to wiring and navigational equipment.

Ever wonder whats down below? The 1600 Ton King Pacific Lodge at Seaspan Drydock in Vancouver BC



King Pacific Lodge is pleased to announce our new fixed wing flight provider: Air Tindi. Their comfortable Dash 7 features 40 seats, four engines and is perfect for flying all of our guests at one time to and from Bella Bella. The Heljet Sikorski 76 whisks our guests directly to King Pacific Lodge.

HeliJet Sikorski 76 and the powerful Dash 7 operated by Air Tindi.

Now for the fishing…

After towing the lodge back to St. Johns Harbour we are now hosting our second group of guests. Everyone has been enjoying calm seas and truly excellent fishing. Since opening on the 18th of June we’ve been fishing Cape Mark and Cheney Point. Chinook salmon in the 15-20 pound range have been the norm for most anglers. Highlights have been six “Tyee” Chinook to date (over 30) with the largest being 36 pounds. A few Coho have been showing as well, generally about 8-10 pounds at this time of year. Look for these Coho to increase in both abundance and average size by the end of August.

Salmon have been biting on the tides, and either early AM or late PM. Our standard KPL green, red and UV flashers produced by Gibbs tackle combined with a green spoon or Anchovy bait has been working best. Fishing tight to the shore and along the kelp at 45-70ft, and within 100ft of water seems to be the best producer. Some of our guests have also been mooching Cheney Point with cut-plug herring and enjoyed great results.

Bottom fish such as halibut, ling cod and rock fish have been plentiful. Most halibut have been in the 10 – 20 pound range. Shown below is a lucky trio with halibut closer to 30 and 40 pounds.

Similar to the best sport teams, we’re very proud of the crew assembled for our 2018 season. We have an exciting lineup of seasoned fishing guides and some truly talented and welcome new faces on the water. Our catering and inside services crew is eager to provide the finest of comforts away from home.

Should you have any questions about our fishing and adventure packages please contact us anytime. Select dates are still available for this season!

A lucky trio with opening day Halibut. Congratulations

Our attentive crew is looking forward to seeing you


Kindest Regards

George Cuthbert