Looking forward to 2018!

As we approach 2018, we would like to wish all our guests, crew and suppliers the very best for the Christmas Holiday and New Year. 2017 was a huge success for King Pacific Lodge and we’re looking forward to 2018! Thank you to all who have been guests at King Pacific Lodge. We very much appreciate your support!

Since the end of the season, we have been working hard to ensure the King Pacific Lodge guest experience is better than ever! After our fourth season of operation, we towed the lodge and staff barge south to Vancouver Island. Here, the lodge will undergo several operational improvements. Our fleet of custom made fishing boats have also been brought down and will have upgraded electronics, paint and engines. The King Pacific Lodge facilities require a tremendous amount of maintenance and we must ensure we are entirely self-sufficient during our operating season. Aside from the fishing tackle and boats, this includes everything from power generation, fuel storage, water filtration and all kitchen equipment.

The 2018 season planning is underway and we’re looking forward to seeing so many new and return guests. Many of our experienced crew have contacted us and have confirmed their desire to spend the summer again at Milbanke Sound. We have several, exciting new crew members joining us and all looking to get back on the water!

We have attended several post season meetings with Canada’s Department of Fisheries and Oceans. British Columbia’s Central Coast, where Milbanke Sound is located, provided the very best fishing opportunities on the coast in 2017. We anticipate this trend to continue and expect very good fishing in 2018.

Operationally, we will be changing our air transportation to and from Vancouver. Ensuring our guests are arriving and departing on time is paramount and a larger, single aircraft “Dash 7” option has presented itself to transport all guests. Having such great fishing sometimes increase our outbound weights and our goal is to ensure all guest’s fish and baggage arrive with them, on time at the end of a great trip! The popularity of King Pacific Lodge has proven to be far greater then we could have ever imagined.  Built for 34 guests only, we feel this is the perfect size adventure lodge and where we’re able to spend quality time with our guests in an uncrowded, attentive environment.

Should you be looking for that special trip in 2018, please contact us soon.  Again, from all of us at King Pacific Lodge we wish you the very best for 2018 and look forward to staying in touch!

Kindest Regards,

George Cuthbert