2017 – What a season!


Fisher Cuthbert’s 19 pound Coho! A personal best.

Late August and early September fishing continued to produce excellent results for King Pacific Lodge Anglers. Fishing continued to be very good until our last day of the season, September 4th. The weather was excellent and providing calm seas and some beautiful sunrise and sunset fishing.

Coho salmon were at the top of the list for action packed days on the water! Ivory Island, Cheney Point and Cape Mark were the favourite places to fish. Many of these fish were often well over 15 pounds and several topping 20 pounds!


Chinook continued to be available during early September with many Tyee coming in over 30 pounds. While not as abundant this time of year as our previous two years, there was plenty of opportunity for everyone to experience the thrill of these large salmon.


Congratulations Chris on an incredible 19 pound Coho!

Salmon in general were more likely to hit artificial baits during the latter part of our season. flasher and white “Hoochie” (squid), flasher and the custom KPL “Irish Cream” spoon and a combination of other fast trolled, silver and white spoons also worked well.


Guests of KPL were delighted to have Humpback Whales feeding right within our fishing areas. The abundance of baitfish around Ivory Island were attracting both salmon and these large mammals, creating quite a show.


We’re now finished the 2017 season and what a success! Fishing in general was very good, and probably the best we’ve seen in our fourth year of operation. Salmon showed early in good numbers and the fishing was very consistent the duration of our season. In addition, the weather was excellent – albeit not always as dry. The winds stayed calm and our regular fishing areas were very comfortable for fishing and enjoying the waters of Milbanke Sound.


We’d like to Thank all guests who fished with us this year and we’re looking forward to seeing you again! Thank you to all of our staff and suppliers – we’ve enjoyed another safe season on the water.

We’re currently towing our lodge and boats south for some exciting upgrades and improvements. Look for an even better experience in 2018.


Should you be looking for the adventure of a lifetime and would like more information about our 2018 King Pacific Lodge program please contact us anytime.


Kindest Regards,



George Cuthbert